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The lobby of your business or commercial property has moved outdoors. When customers or clients pull into your parking lot it is making a first impression for them. Work with experts to make sure it is the right first impression.

BG Paving specializes in paving for commercial businesses throughout the Tri-Cities. We’ve worked with a large variety of companies, including restaurants, gas stations, churches, industrial facilities, hotels, and more. BG Paving is here to take care of all your commercial parking lot repair, maintenance, and paving service needs.

We work with a strong attention to detail to take care of any size project. No matter the project, we do our best to minimize disruption to your business while we work.

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Our Parking Lot Services

We can take on your complete parking lot’s needs from small cracks to maintenance seal coating, to full repaves. Paving is not a DIY project. An experienced and professional crew is a must-have to handle any size commercial parking lot job. Read more about some of our services below, then when you are ready, pick up the phone and get your Free Quote.

Asphalt Paving
Asphalt parking lots, blacktop, or tarmac are all common names for parking lot paving. But they are all essentially the same. Our team tackles commercial asphalt jobs with expertise and professionalism you won't find from other companies.

From asphalt parking lots, roads, subdivisions, and more. We approach each project with one central goal: excellence. Your commercial space will look professional and meet all safety requirements.
Paint Marking & Safety
We take great care to ensure every part of your parking lot is safe for customers and employees. We can assist with parking lot features, including:

Parking Spot Lines

Directional Instructions

Handicap Accessibility

Speed Bumps with Reflective Coating

Concrete Parking Curbs
Parking Lot Repair
Potholes, cracks, and chipped or faded paint lines can threaten how people perceive your commercial property. Not to mention it could have an impact on safety. We can perform parking lot maintenance to protect your image and your customers.

Regular maintenance can be more cost-effective than waiting until it's too late. We can also sometimes offer same-day emergency repair service. Call and ask us today.
When it’s time to freshen up your parking lot, the first step is milling. We strip away the old asphalt and grind it up for recycling. Scraping the top layer of asphalt allows us to lay new pavement without raising the level of the parking lot.

This method is environmentally friendly and eliminates the need to replace the entire parking lot, saving time and money. Correcting existing problems during this process is also much easier.
After milling and prepping your parking lot, we can move on to laying fresh asphalt. With the resurfacing completed, we're almost ready for your customers to park cars on the new blacktop.

We will finish up your parking lot with all the essential paint and lines needed. Your parking lot will have a new smooth layer with that freshly paved look. And a shiny new coat of paint marking its spots.
Drainage Systems
We will grade and slope the area to ensure proper water drainage in your parking lot. The last thing we want is for your new parking lot to have standing water. Depending on your project, we can install the following:

French Drains


Channel Drains

Catch Basins

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Belcher Grady grew up with a passion for construction and asphalt. As a young adult, he started his asphalt paving company with just a single truck. Since then, he’s grown BG Paving into one of the largest paving companies in the Tri-Cities area.

We are no fly-by-night paving company but a group of passionate professionals offering top-notch service. We approach every project with excellence, from small family roads to large commercial parking lots.

When you choose BG Paving, you are choosing an expert team who will deliver a superior product. We only use top-notch trucks and equipment to deliver you the best quality. Our crew is very experienced and courteous and will clean up the area after the project is completed.

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